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After the resounding success of The Living Wild, Art Wolfe has turned his keen wild-life photographer’s eye on Africa. The result is a book which assails all the senses. One can gaze the wide horizons in the unusually large landscape images. It is as if one could hear the sounds of thousands of animals moving across open plains, taste the heat in the air, smell of dampness foretelling rains to come, and the touch of the earth beneath naked feet. In five chapters, life in the savannah, the woodlands, the rainforest, the wetlands and the desert rises in front of the readers’ eyes.

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"The intensity, texture, and strange density of Art Wolfe's photographs are truly astonishing" Peter Matthiessen; "Art Wolfe's photographs are magically composed and stunningly beautiful. Like nature poetry of the first rank, they pull our emotions closer to some of the most charismatic and (sadly) endangered animal species of the world" E.O. Wilson

Author Biography

Art Wolfe is one of the most celebrated nature photographers in the world. His honours include a 2000 Alfred Eisenstaedt Award for Magazine Photography and the 1998 Nature Photographer of the Year Award. He is the author of The Living Wild and Rainforests of the World, both published by Harvill.