Achieving Sustainability: The Ultimate Human Challenge: Critical Barriers and Future Perspectives


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Achieving Sustainability: The Ultimate Human Challenge: Critical Barriers and Future Perspectives Author: Format: Hardback First Published: Published By: Springer International Publishing AG
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The book provides an assessment of whether sustainability is realizable in the current societal framework based on what has been achieved so far. What are the challenges and what are the levers necessary to meet them? Through a revision of the essence of sustainability based on the Brundtland definition of 1987 the book provides an opportunity to view sustainability from an alternative perspective, one that goes beyond the current interpretations and misinterpretations of the construct. This in order to understand the deeper level of the radical change that sustainability represents. To build the argument the sustainable development model is compared with current development theories and models, and alternative solutions based on radical societal shifts in the past. The differences are highlighted and discussed. The book outlines the limitations to embedding sustainability in the current paradigm pointing out as well as defining the multiple, cross-sectoral and systemic barriers that hinder the transition occurring from an unsustainable to a sustainable state. It defines the levers that can be applied to overcome existing barriers – and reflects on the long-term results as a consequence. The book assesses the positive results that can be achieved within the current systemic framework, based on case stories. Finally, the book offers perspectives on and encompassing recent events and initiatives including the threat of climate change, the pandemic as well as the multiple mitigation and transition initiatives undertaken globally.

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Author Biography

Karen Blincoe, originally educated in design, obtained her PhD in sustainability at the University of Kingston, London, UK and MPhil at the University of Brighton, UK. Dr. Blincoe has pioneered sustainability initiatives such as founding the ICIS Center and co-founding Chora 2030 in Denmark. She was previously Director of Schumacher College, UK, Visiting Professor at the University of Brighton, and Reader in Sustainable Futures, Goldsmith's University, London. Dr. Blincoe was President of Danish Designers, DK, and Vice-president of ICoD. She is currently a consultant, advisor, and writer on sustainability issues; a member of the Danish Design Council, DK and of the Royal Society of Arts, UK; a boardmember of Chora 2030 and of Samso Energy Academy, DK.