A Workshop on Essential Exercises with Special Techniques for Medium and Large Dogs


A Workshop on Essential Exercises with Special Techniques for Medium and Large Dogs Author: Format: DVD video First Published: Published By: Cattledog Publishing
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Whether you’re a veterinarian, veterinary technician, trainer, groomer, or pet owner, every interaction you have with a dog affects them. With your movements, touch, and tone of voice, you can confuse them, or you can direct and guide them clearly. You can increase their uncertainty and fear, or you can increase their confidence in you. In these two fascinating hands-on labs Dr Sophia Yin, veterinarian, animal behaviorist, and author, teaches you to handle, move, and restrain dogs of all sizes and personalities using the techniques of Low Stress Handling (TM). Step by step, Dr Yin demonstrates how to give confident, clear direction and guidance with every interaction, resulting in dogs that trust you rather than fight you. It includes the following presentations: Lab 1: Essential Exercises for Moving Dogs from Place to Place. Lab 2: Handling and Restraining Medium-Sized and Large Dogs with Skill and Ease.

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[Low Stress Handling (R)] is a key component of our vet's practice work ethos. The animals [are] generally much more relaxed, we have a very low injury rate ... [it] benefits the owners as we can often achieve results without expensive sedation."" - Julie Ryal Brewer, RVN

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Dr Sophia Yin, a 1993 graduate of the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, is the author of numerous books and DVDs including Low Stress Handling, Restraint and Behavior Modification of Dogs and Cats. She earned her Master's focused on animal behavior in 2001 from UC Davis.