A Comprehensive Field Guide to Medicinal Plant Biodiversity of Myanmar and Mauritius


A Comprehensive Field Guide to Medicinal Plant Biodiversity of Myanmar and Mauritius Editor: D. K. Semwal Format: Hardback First Published: Published By: Nova Science Publishers Inc Pages: 313 Language: English ISBN: 9781536174250 Categories: , , , ,

The present book titled “A Comprehensive Field Guide to Medicinal Plant Biodiversity of Myanmar and Mauritius” is based on the preliminary survey of medicinal plants of Myanmar and Mauritius under the Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation (ITEC) Programme of Govt. of India. The present study and survey tours reveal the identification of more than six hundred medicinal plants found in the forest areas, nearby population areas and also in the botanical gardens. In addition to the compilation of the plants species, the information about their medicinal values and other important uses has also been obtained from locals. The information gathered during the survey included Ayurvedic plants found in these areas, possibility of propagation of the plants in the gardens, indigenous remedies and the traditional claims, guidelines for pharmaceutical assessment, product information for drug standardization, classification and preparation of drugs, manufacturing of drugs in Pharmacies and Drugs and Cosmetics Act, etc. The present text book is divided into five chapters, in which the first chapter is based on the background of Myanmar including its people, tradition, agriculture, and other useful information. The second chapter covered general information about Mauritius Island with major emphasis on the traditional medicinal system of the country and its trade. The details of about 500 plants are given in chapters 3-5. Chapter 3 covers medicinal plants found in Myanmar but not in Mauritius whereas Chapter 4 is comprised of the medicinal plants of Mauritius, which are not found in Myanmar. All the common plants, which are often found in both the countries, have been described in Chapter 5. The vernacular name, taxonomy, occurrence, phytochemistry, traditional and biological importance of each plant is described in a concise way. In addition, photographs of selected plants are also given in a separate section. This text book can be used as a field guide during the survey of medicinal plants. We hope that this information in the form of a book will certainly be beneficial to readers, especially to students of plant science and other relevant subjects.

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