A Bird-Finding Guide to Mexico


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A Bird-Finding Guide to Mexico Author: Format: Paperback / softback First Published: Published By: Cornell University Press
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With a rich variety of stunning avifauna, Mexico provides the first taste of the Neotropics for many birders. At last here is a guide to Mexico’s best birdwatching sites, from Baja California to the Yucatan Peninsula. Steve N. G. Howell, coauthor of the widely acclaimed A Guide to the Birds of Mexico and Northern Central America, has selected over 100 sites where birders may see more than 950 species, including virtually all of the endemics and regional specialties. Useful for both the business traveler in Mexico City with only a morning to spare and the serious birder planning a three-month trip across the country, this indispensable book tells where to go and what to look for.* covers all of Mexico and includes all of the top birding spots.* presents key information on over 100 sites, where more than 950 bird species can be seen.* provides lists of the birds at the most popular sites.* gives general information about each region of the country, along with a map showing the location of its sites; additional maps show greater detail at selected sites.* supplies listings of all endemics and sought-after species with key sites where they can be seen.* includes advice on how best to find and view birds.* suggests itineraries for birding holidays.* offers valuable tips on travel and birdwatching in Mexico.

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At last a bird-finding guide for Mexico is on the bookshelves for birders who want to go to Mexico but do not know where to go.... With the help of this guide you can start, or add to, your own life list of Mexican birds. -- Charles "Red" and Louise Gambill * Texas Birds * A thoroughly well-researched book.... An excellent sight guide to this bird-rich country.... This book is highly recommended. * Birding World * I cannot imagine any reason why a birder contemplating independent travel in Mexico would not want this book close at hand.... Superb.... If I were a Minister of Tourism charged with encouraging birders to come to Mexico, I would award Howell a big medal. I'm not, so I'll just encourage every birder I know who likes to travel to buy this book and go to Mexico with it. -- Charles D. Duncan, Wings of the Americas, The Nature Conservancy, Portland, ME * Birding * If you're planning a trip to Mexico and want to do a little birding on the side,... this book is a must.... Site descriptions, detailed maps, and lists of expected birds at each location make this book essential for any birder heading south of the border. -- Scott Shalaway * The Wild Side * This guide will be useful... to the business traveler with only a morning to spare and to the serious birder planning a three-month trip across the country; this indispensable book tells where to go and what to look for. * Indiana Audubon Quarterly * With the publication of this book, access to Mexico's nearly 1,000 species has been made immeasurably easier.... The information, reflecting the author's own travels in the country, is as complete as that found in the best bird finding guides anywhere.... If you are going to travel south of the border, take this book along. -- Eirik A. T. Blom * Bird Watcher's Digest *