Assessing Progress toward Sustainability: Frameworks, Tools and Case Studies

Assessing Progress toward Sustainability: Frameworks, Tools, and Case Studies provides practical frameworks for measuring the progress toward sustainability in various areas of production, consumption, services, and urban development as they relate to environmental impact. A variety of policies/strategies or frameworks are available at national and international levels and the same stands for diverse sustainability assessment […]

Climate Risk and Sustainable Water Management

Climate change is leading to changing patterns of precipitation and increasingly extreme global weather. There is an urgent need to synthesize our current knowledge on climate risks to water security, which in turn is fundamental for achieving sustainable water management. Climate Risk and Sustainable Water Management discusses hydrological extremes, climate variability, climate impact assessment, risk […]

Water Law, Policy and Economics in Italy: Between National Autonomy and EU Law Constraints

This book provides the first comprehensive overview of the most important water-related issues that centre on Italy, analysed from several disciplinary perspectives – such as hydrology, economics, law, sociology, environmental sciences and policy studies – in order to promote full understanding of the challenges the country is facing and the ways it could best tackle […]