Intellectual Property in the Energy Sector: Challenges and Opportunities for an Industry in Transition

Intellectual property has always played a key role supporting the protection and exploitation of technology and brands of businesses operating in the energy sector. The management of IP is arguably more important than ever as we transition to more renewable energy sources and reduced emissions, and see an energy market increasingly disrupted by start-ups challenging […]

International Comparative Legal Guide – Mining Law: 2022

Welcome to the ninth edition of ICLG – Mining Law, published by Global Legal Group. This publication provides corporate counsel and international practitioners with comprehensive jurisdiction-by-jurisdiction guidance to mining laws and regulations around the world, and is also available at This year, the opening chapter explores the trade and regulatory challenges affecting the mining […]

Railroad Law a Decade after Deregulation

Railroads, our first large corporations, are rapidly adapting to the deregulated climate of the 1990s. As we approach the 21st century, this book tells the story of the changing role of railroads in our economy and how the law has changed to meet the new competitive environment. Topics include abandonment and extension, railway labor law, […]

The Energy Handbook

Explaining the complexities of the energy industry, this handbook is equally suitable for seasoned energy law practitioners, industrial energy or environmental consultants, academics, or those who are impacted by the energy industry. It offers detailed directories of federal, state and international agencies involved with energy regulation – including a listing of all the state public […]

Environmental and Natural Resources Law

Combining the two main approaches to teaching this broad area, this volume examines environmental law, including pollution control, and the natural resources law course covering conservation, energy and other aspects. This expansion of coverage promotes a fuller understanding of these complex issues, and can provide either a once-through general understanding of this area of law, […]

The Interstate Commerce Commission and the Railroad Industry: A History of Regulatory Policy

This work explores the philosophy, actions, and policies of the Interstate Commerce Commission by focusing on the development of its railroad regulation practices, particularly since 1976. Richard Stone traces the radical change in the ICC’s view of the rail industry, from the maximum control it exercised for many years through the unilateral deregulation that was […]

European Law on Combined Heat and Power

This book provides an analysis of the European policy approach to combined heat and power (CHP), a highly efficient technology used by all EU Member States for the needs of generating electricity and heat. European Law on Combined Heat and Power carries out an assessment of the European legal and policy measures on CHP, evaluating […]