[Set Ethics in Nanotechnology]: Emerging Technologies Aspects; Social Sciences and Philosophical Aspects

With Nanotechnology being a relatively new field, the questions regarding safety and ethics are steadily increasing with the development of the research. This book aims to give an overview on the ethics associated with employing nanoscience for products with everyday applications. The risks as well as the regulations are discussed, and an outlook for the […]

The Rise of Smart Cities: Advanced Structural Sensing and Monitoring Systems

One of the challenges posed by an aging infrastructure networks is developing innovative civil infrastructure monitoring solutions. Advanced Structural Sensing and Monitoring Systems provide engineers and researchers with a guide to the latest breakthroughs in the deployment of smart monitoring technologies over the past three decades. This includes the deployment of new monitoring technologies for […]

Synesis: The Unification of Productivity, Quality, Safety and Reliability

The complexity of today’s large organisations, businesses, and social institutions defeats management approaches based on monolithic thinking. Most industry and service organisations look at their performance either from a single perspective – productivity, quality, safety, etc. – or from different but separate perspectives that reside in organisational silos. Quality is treated separately from safety, which, […]

Embodied Environmental Risk in Technical Communication: Problems and Solutions Toward Social Sustainability

This timely and accessible edited collection explores how technical communicators meet the challenges of enacting effective risk and crisis communication policies to address local and global environmental problems. Through a series of practical studies, this collection calls for improved technical and environmental communication for the public through an embodied, situated understanding of risk. The chapters […]

Ventilation and Energy Efficiency in Welding Shops: A Practical Guide

This Guide is based on several decades of author’s research and practical experience in the areas of process optimization, ventilation and energy conservation in welding shops of auto manufacturing and maintenance facilities. The Guide will describe principles of Weld Fume Control, advanced ventilation systems for facilities with welding and allied processes and with energy conservation […]