Pro Silva Principles


  • This booklet outlines policy statements from PRO SILVA on four issues of major importance to present-day forest management.
  • 1) the basic principles of responsible forest management and forest utilisation,
  • 2) the maintenance of biodiversity,
  • 3) the use of exotic species, and
  • 4) the ecological role of forests in the landscape.
  • A pamphlet in English/French and German, outlining the principles of PRO SILVA ,a European federation of foresters who advocate forest management based on natural processes. PRO SILVA was founded in Slovenia in 1989. PRO SILVA is convinced that it is possible to commence the change from a regimented type of forest management to the type of management and silviculture advocated by PRO SILVA at almost any stage of stand development. Within a range of stand types, forest protection, management and utilisation can assist in regenerating and conserving the forest.

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