Poisonous Plants of Pakistan


Detailed descriptions of 158 species of poisonous plants in Pakistan, cultivated or introduced. These represent perhaps some 20% or more of known poisonous plants in the world and as such this book is of more than regional interest, many of these plants being found elsewhere in the world. In each case, there is information on identity, characteristic features, flowering period, propagation, chemical constituents, therapeutic uses and effects on humans and animals. Reference to the source of information is also noted. A particular feature are the author's own accurate full page illustrations. There is also useful information on how to recognise the symptoms of poisoning and provide first aid. Although this book is detailed enough to be a valuable reference book for specialists it will also appeal to a wider readership since it contains, in a very accessible form, much that will be of interest to the general reader.

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400 pages, 175 coloured illustrations and 1 colour map.