Plants of China: A Companion to the Flora of China


  • The first book to present China's flora in its astonishing diversity - an invaluable source of reference for anybody wanting background information on this subject
  • The plants' features are described in light of the historical and geographical factors accounting for the richness of China's botanical resources
  • The flora of China is astonishing in its diversity. With 32,500 species of vascular plants, over fifty per cent of which are endemic, it has more botanical variety than anywhere else in the world and provides unbroken connections to all its landscapes - from tropical to subtropical, temperate and boreal forests. This book tells the story of the plants of China: from the evolution of the flora through time to the survey of the bioclimatic zones, soundly based on chapters with information on climate, physical geography and soils. The history of botany and its study are also examined, with chapters dedicated to forestry, medicinal plants and ornamentals, with the changing flora, aliens, extinction and conservation also discussed. An essential read for years to come, The Plants of China shows that an understanding of the flora of China is crucial to interpreting plant evolution and fossil history elsewhere in the world.

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    51 b/w illus. 286 colour illus. 54 tables
    285 x 210 mm

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