Plants Health and Healing


  • Author: Elisabeth Hsu and Stephen Harris (Eds)
  • Date Pub: 2010
  • ISBN: ISBN 9781845450601
  • Published byBerghahn Books - more

This volume features contributions from several specialists researching at the interface of ethnobotany and medical anthropology.

Plants have cultural histories, their applications changing over time and with place. The impact of individual plant species on human cultures has been profound, whether it is the coca and quinine from South America or tea and coffee from the Old World.

This pattern is seen in all types of uses that humans make of plants, from trees used for construction, through species used for perfume through to food plants. However, it is medicinal plants that have attracted considerable attention recently, whether as a justification of plant conservation efforts or through the perception that direct use of medicinal plants may offer something that is not delivered by orthodox medicine.

Hardback. 316 pages, figs, tabs.

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