Plants and Microclimate. A Quantative Approach to Environmental Plant Physiology 3rd ed


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  • Ideal for students and others with a limited background in mathematics, making numerical aspects of plant physiology accessible to a wider audience
  • Extensive glossary of symbols and abbreviations aids understanding of complex ideas and equations
  • New Edition.
    This rigorous yet accessible text introduces the key physical and biochemical processes involved in plant interactions with the aerial environment. It is designed to make the more numerical aspects of the subject accessible to plant and environmental science students, and will also provide a valuable reference source to practitioners and researchers in the field.
    The third edition of this widely recognised text has been completely revised and updated to take account of key developments in the field. Approximately half of the references are new to this edition and relevant online resources are also incorporated for the first time. The recent proliferation of molecular and genetic research on plants is related to whole plant responses, showing how these new approaches can advance our understanding of the biophysical interactions between plants and the atmosphere. Remote sensing technologies and their applications in the study of plant function are also covered in greater detail.

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    407 pages,
    170 b/w photos and illustrations, tables

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