Plant Life of the Dolomites: Vegetation Tables


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  • ▶ Offers comprehensive data on the Dolomite vegetation
  • ▶ Based on the authors' numerous research surveys throughout the
  • Dolomites
  • ▶ Complements the main volume of Plant Life of the Dolomites
  • This volume provides an in-depth analysis of over 100 plant communities of the Dolomite
    vegetation. The data is based on the phytosociological relevés, which have been collected
    by the authors in nearly 2000 surveys. The key part consists of approx. 130 association
    tables presenting plant sociological data for the respective plant communities. Thus, this
    volume perfectly complements the successful main volume “Plant Life of the Dolomites:
    Vegetation Structure and Ecology,” which features summarized, synoptic association
    tables of the twelve habitats. In addition, geo-referenced locations of relevés and detailed
    ecological measures are provided. A further part describes the individual components
    of the fascinating dolomitic landscape (Heritage of all Humanity) and presents tables of
    vegetation complexes, which summarize the more than 400 surveys carried out in the
    The structure of this supplementary volume corresponds to that of the main volume with
    a key part consisting of twelve chapters, each describing a specific habitat, and a total of
    106 associations. Several topics covered in the main volume, such as the exploration of the
    flora, ecological factors and syntaxonomy are discussed further here.

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