Plant Form: An Illustrated Guide to Flowering Plant Morphology. New edition


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  • Author: Adrian D. Bell with drawings by Alan Bryan
  • Date Pub: 2008
  • ISBN: 9780881928501
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A classic book, now revised and expanded to include the latest information on plant morphology, an understanding of which is essential to appreciating the wonders of the plant world and to the study of botany and horticulture at every level. In this ingeniously designed volume, the complex subject becomes both accessible and manageable.
Copiously Illustrated, with more than 1000 line drawings, 119 being new to this edition. Compared to the previous edition all the drawings have been enlarged and augmented and there are nearly twice as many photographs.
The first part of the book describes and clearly illustrates the major plant structures that can be seen with the naked eye or a hand lens: leaf, root, stem, reproductive organs, and seedlings; special sections focus on vegetative propagation, and the morphology of grasses, orchids, and cacti. Part II focuses on how plants grow: bud development, the growth of reproductive organs, leaf arrangement, branching patterns, and the accumulation and loss of structures.
Remarkable for its user-friendly organization, high-quality illustrations, and extensive cross-referencing, the book functions as an illustrated dictionary, a basic course in plant morphology, and an intriguing and enlightening book to dip into.
A key work for all students of botany and horticulture, enthusiastic gardeners and amateur naturalists.

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Black and white diagrams with colour photographs
24.2 x 20.1cm

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