Plant Ecology 2nd rev. ed.


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  • Written in a lively and engaging style by an experienced teacher, guiding students through essential concepts with numerous real-world examples and full-colour illustrations throughout
  • Emphasizes unifying, underlying principles and processes, encouraging students to explore and discover more about this fascinating field
  • Detailed further reading lists and study questions within each chapter reinforce learning for both undergraduate and graduate students
  • Presenting a global and interdisciplinary approach to plant ecology, this much-awaited new edition of the book Plants and Vegetation integrates classical themes with the latest ideas, models, and data. Keddy draws on extensive teaching experience to bring the field to life, guiding students through essential concepts with numerous real-world examples and full-colour illustrations throughout. The chapters begin by presenting the wider picture of the origin of plants and their impact on the Earth, before exploring the search for global patterns in plants and vegetation.

    Chapters on resources, stress, competition, herbivory, and mutualism explore causation, and a concluding chapter on conservation addresses the concern that one-third of all plant species are at risk of extinction. The scope of this edition is broadened further by a new chapter on population ecology, along with extensive examples including South African deserts, the Guyana Highlands of South America, Himalayan forests and arctic alpine environments.

    Advanced review
    'Keddy's Plant Ecology is a refreshing synthesis of the core concepts of the discipline. It is a remarkably readable book that is brimming with vivid stories about the central role of plants in the biosphere. This milestone in the canon of ecological literature pays homage to the previous generations of plant ecologists that built the field as we know it. The organisation is unconventional yet intuitive, the prose is animated yet enlightening, and the revised figures are both colourful and instructive. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to acquire a broad understanding of plant ecology.' Daniel Laughlin, The University of Waikato, New Zealand

    Paul A. Keddy
    Paul A. Keddy has taught plant ecology for more than thirty years. He is often a conference keynote speaker, and delights in bringing science alive for his audience. Dr Keddy's research explores environmental factors that control plant communities and their manipulation to maintain and restore biodiversity. His awards include a National Wetlands Award for Science Research, the Lawson Medal and Gleason Prize for Competition, and his first edition of Wetland Ecology (Cambridge, 2000) won the Society of Wetland Scientists' Merit Award. He has also advised organizations including World Wildlife Fund, Earthjustice, and The Nature Conservancy.

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    610 pages
    187 b/w illus. 192 colour illus. 64 tables 89 exercises
    246 x 189 mm

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