Pests of Fruit Crops. A Colour Handbook. 2nd Edition


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  • Author: Alford, David, V.
  • Date Pub: 2017 10 (October)
  • ISBN: 9781138034228
  • Published byCRC press - more

  • Presents a detailed account of the biology, recognition and damage of fruit crop pests
  • Provides important information on both major and minor pests
  • Covers pests associated with citrus fruits, olives, almonds, apricots, peaches and grapevines, as well as pests of temperate fruit crops
  • Includes information on new invasive alien pests
  • Contains updated nomenclature, with species of pests listed alphabetically under genera
  • Feature more than 1,150 high-quality colour photographs
  • Pests of Fruit Crops: A Colour Handbook, Second Edition provides an up-to-date illustrated account of the various pests of fruit crops throughout Europe, many of which (or their close relatives) are also present in non-European countries. In fact, several pose problems on fruit crops worldwide. This authoritative book focuses on insect and mite pests affecting fruit, hop and nut crops in both temperate and subtropical climates. Pome fruits, stone fruits, cane fruits, strawberries, bush fruits, hops, grapevines, citrus fruits, nuts, figs and olives all receive attention.

    For ease of reference, this new edition has been significantly rearranged so that, under genera, species of pests are now listed alphabetically, and nomenclature has been updated. The pests, most of which are illustrated, are described, and details are given of their life histories, distribution and status. Damage caused is also indicated. The work is profusely illustrated with over 1,150 superb colour photographs, and is an essential and invaluable source of reference for both professional and lay readers—including extension workers, consultants, scientists, students, fruit growers and private gardeners. To help readers locate information on pests of interest, alternative names for genera and species, and frequently used colloquial names are cross-referenced in the pest index.

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    Hardback (2014) and Paperback (2017) formats
    462 Pages -
    1152 Colour illustrations

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