Perennial Vegetables - From Artichokes to Zuiki Taro, a Gardener's Guide to Over 100 Delicious, Easy-to-Grow Edibles


Information, tips, and sound advice on less common edibles that will make any garden a perpetual, low maintenance source of food. Ranging beyond the usual suspects (asparagus, rhubarb, and artichoke) to include such "minor" crops as ground cherry and ramps (both have found their way onto exclusive restaurant menus) and the much sought-after, antioxidant-rich wolfberry (also known as goji berries). Perennial vegetables are perfect as part of an edible landscape plan or permaculture The book describes more than a hundred species, with dozens of color photographs and illustrations, as well as valuable growing tips, recipes, and resources,

Paperback. 256 pages. 8 x 10.

ISBN: 9781931498401

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