Paludiculture - Productive use of wet peatlands ( 2016)


The volume introduces the new method of paludiculture as a sustainable and economically sensible land use practice for the production of biomass, which is further able to reactivate or sustain a wide variety of ecosystem services impaired by peatland drainage. Biomass from wet peatlands is useful for various applications: as fuel and raw material, food, fodder and medicine.

The authors discuss and evaluate the ecosystem services and economic feasibility of various land use options. Practical recommendations for and legal aspects of implementing paludicultural methods are presented as well as experiences with its worldwide application. The historical development of peatland utilization, including its increasing intensification, the resulting soil degradation, and the recent development of paludiculture as an alternative, balanced land use approach are described.

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2016. VIII, 272 pages, 153 figures (mostly colour), 109 tables, 49 info boxes, 21x28cm

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