Orchids of Sarawak


Orchids of Sarawak includes records of all orchids known to have been collected in Sarawak over the past nearly 160 years since the first scientific collections were made there by Hugh Low. Some 7,000 permanently preserved specimens provide the basis for the enumeration of over 1,000 species in 120 genera now known to occur naturally in the State. Some 340 species have been added to the previously known orchid flora of Sarawak, and on the basis of the IUCN Red List categories 74 orchids are classified as critically endangered, 39 as endangered and 13 as vulnerable in Sarawak. Over 250 colour photographs and line drawings lavishly illustrate the text.

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Records from nearly 160 years of collections
250+ colour photographs
600pp. 254 x 184mm
Hard cover + dust jacket

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