Orchids of Asia


Orchids of Asia is an orchid classic. First published some 25 years ago, this book continues to receive accolades from many readers, among them renowned Orchid Society judges. Lavishly illustrated with over 500 photographs, two-thirds of which are new, the orchid species in this new third edition span a century of orchid hybridisation in Asia.

Orchids of Asia discusses the fundamental principles of cultivating orchids, with close attention to their unique habits. The author, an expert grower and experienced judge armed with a sharp eye for photographic detail, encourages an appreciation of the plant's natural habitats and growth requirements, particularly those that form the backbone of popular hybrids.

For the orchid grower, there are several chapters that discuss the growth requirements and practical aspects of orchid growing, including the eradication of diseases and pests. For the enthusiast, there are comprehensive chapters on hybridisation and a new chapter on orchid mutation - a brand new avenue for the orchid grower as well as for the hybridiser. In addition, a well-illustrated chapter on the appreciation of orchid flowers for student judges gives an insight into what constitutes an award-worthy orchid. This volume gives equal coverage to the orchids from the lowlands and to imported orchids that are now commonplace in nurseries and gardens throughout the region.

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368 pages, 500 photos.

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