Ophrys; The Bee Orchids of Europe


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  • Author: Henrik AErenlund Pedersen & Niels Faurholdt
  • Date Pub: 2007
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The genus Ophrys, the charismatic bee orchids, constitutes one of the most diverse and biologically fascinating groups of plants to be encountered in Europe, paticularly the Mediterranean.

This book offers an easy to use, comprehensive introduction to the genus Ophrys throughout its European range. It can be used as a field guide (with keys, descriptions and numerous colour photographs) as well as a standard reference (with chapters on structure, biology, evolution and conservation). The classification is based on a broad species concept, and offers an alternative to the finely split classifications of the genus that prevail in most recent field guides.

Finally, the chapter 'recommended Ophrys excursions' is ideal for planning field trips, and a chapter contributed by Richard L. Manuel gives ample guidelines for cultivation.

ISBN 9781842461525
soft back flexi-cover. many colour photographs, maps and some b&w illustrations. Printed on art paper throughout 297pp

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