Nordic Lichen Flora. Volume 1. Introductory parts. Calicioid lichens and fungi


Nordic countries are reknowned as having one of the richest and best known collections of lichen species in the world, with over 2000 species. Several Nordic lichenologists have initiated a project to produce a modern flora, the first since the C19, that will treat the whole lichen flora of the region. The first volume comprises the ecologically important group of Calicoid lichens and fungi. This group contains many environmentally important indicator species, which now hopefully will be easier to recognize.
Introdutory chapters on habitats, biogeography, pollution monitoring, chemistry, taxonomy are followed by descriptions of genera (plus keys) and species with notes on the thallus, chemistry, habitat and distribution. Appendices include distribution maps and colour photos.
94 pp.
ISBN: 9197286338

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