Myxomycetes : Biology, Systematics, Biogeography and Ecology


  • Written in a simple, concise, and relatively non-technical style,
  • Contains the comprehensive body of information available on myxomycetes under one cover, with contributions from the leading authorities in their respective topics
  • Provides straightforward, compiled information about myxomycetes and the potential of this group for basic and applied research
  • A comprehensive overview of the body of accumulated knowledge that now exists on myxomycetes. Its broad scope takes an integrated approach to the knowledge of this group of organisms, considering a number of important aspects of their genetics and molecular phylogeny. It also treats myxomycetes as a distinct group from fungi, and includes molecular information that discusses the systematics and evolutionary pathways of the group.

    Additionally, biomedical and engineering applicability is discussed, thus expanding the audience and use of the book in a multidisciplinary context. The book provides an authoritative resource for students, researchers and educators interested in the fields of protistology, microbial ecology, molecular microbiology, biogeography, mycology, biodiversity, and evolutionary biology, and will also interest the amateur naturalist and biologist.

    Introduction –Steven L. Stephenson & Carlos Rojas (Senior Author
    Chapter 1. The myxomycetes
    Harold Keller, Sidney Everhart & Courtney M. Kilgore
    -Chapter 2. Historical and study of myxomycetes
    Bruce Ing & Steven L. Stephenson
    Chapter 3. Phylogeny and evolution
    Dmitry Leontiev & Martin Schnittler
    Chapter 4. Cell and Molecular Biology of Myxomycetes
    Dennis Miller
    Chapter 5. Molecular Techniques and Current Research Approaches
    Margaret Silliker, Thomas Hoppe & Laura Walker
    Chapter 6. Biochemistry and Physiology
    Pu Liu, Qi Wang & Yu Li
    Chapter 7. Taxonomy and systematics
    Carlos Lado & Uno Eliasson
    Chapter 8. Ecology and distribution
    Yura Novozhilov & Adam W. Rollins
    Chapter 9. Biogeographical patterns
    Martin Schnittler & Yura Novozhilov
    Chapter 10. Recording and isolation techniques
    Diana Wrigley de Basanta & Arturo Estrada-Torres
    Chapter 11. Uses and potential
    Hanh Tran, Andrew Adamatzky & Thida Win Ko Ko
    Chapter 12. Myxomycetes in education
    Katherine Winsett, Diana Wrigley de Basanta & Thomas de la Cruz
    Chapter 13. Myxomycete research in the XXI Century
    Carlos Rojas & Tatyana Krivomaz

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