Mushrooms: A Comprehensive Guide


  • Author: Phillips, R.
  • Date Pub: 2006
  • ISBN: 9780330442374
  • Published byMacmillan - more

A fully revised and updated new version of the popular and widely acclaimed Pan guide to British mushrooms and toadstools. Containing more than 1,250 photographs, Roger Phillips has enlisted the help of, amongst others, Dr Brian Spooner of Kew, Geoffrey Kibby, Dr Derek Reid and Alick Henrici, ensuring that the species accounts are both accurate and right up-to-date. The book is published in slightly smaller (and more convenient) format than the original Pan volume; and is highly recommended for both amateur fungus-hunter and serious mycologist alike.

384pp. Paperback. Many colour photos.
ISBN: 0330442376

  • New Title
  • Condition: New

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