Mousses & Hépatiques de France - Manuel d'Identification des Espèces Communes


  • Author: Hugonnot V.,Celle, J. & Pepin, F.
  • Date Pub: 2015
  • ISBN: 9782366621501
  • Stock: Replaced by a new edition
  • Published byBiotope Editions - more

Accessible to everyone and widely illustrated with quality color photos, this guide allows the identification, using keys, about 170 species of liverwort and moss among the most common of French bryophyte flora.

Introductory chapters present classification, morphology, reproduction and ecology of mosses and liverworts and practical advice for observation and identification.

Each species is described, its identification criteria, reproduction and ecology are described and its distribution in France. Moreover, each taxon is treated compared to closely related species, these are well over 350 species that are mentioned in the book.

The 12 protected species in France are detailed and their distribution indicated on maps.

An illustrated glossary and an index of synonyms complete the work.
French language

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288 pp.
165 x 240,

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