Microfungi on Land Plants - An Identification Handbook


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  • Author: Ellis, M.B. & J.P.
  • Date Pub: 1997 Revised edition (reprinted 2017)
  • ISBN: 97808855462468
  • Published byRichmond Publishing - more

A landmark in mycological literature when first published in 1985, this edition contains a new foreword by David Hawksworth, a complete facsimile of the original work, an update and supplement, an extended bibliography, and a revised and expanded index, including references to the additional species and figures, and cross-references to the principal name-changes made since 1985. In total some 3,500 species are dealt with, all in sufficient detail to allow for accurate identification.

The contents include chapters on:
Plurivorous Wood and Bark Fungi
Plurivorous Leaf-litter Fungi
Fungi Specific to Trees, Shrubs and Woody Climbers
Fungi Specific to Herbaceous Plants other than Grasses, Rushes, Sedges, Bur-reeds and Reedmaces
Plurivorous Fungi on Grasses
Fungi Specific to Grasses
Fungi on Rushes, Sedges, Bur-reeds and Reedmaces
Fungi on Ferns, Horsetails and Clubmosses
Fungi Parasitic on Rusts and Powdery Mildews. Substantial and fully keyed modern guide to the rusts, smuts, mildews, etc. hosted by British higher plants. Hardback.

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868 pages
213 plates with 2,208 figures

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