Mathematics for the Green Industry


  • Author: Agnew, Agnew, Christians and Van Der Zanden
  • Date Pub: 2008
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Designed for both students and practitioners in the Green Industry, this book offers full coverage of the calculations necessary to effectively, safely, and economically manage a Green Industry operation. The authors provide clear explanations of all relevant mathematical principles and cover calculations inherent in all aspects of the Green Industry, from determining area and volume, to the application of fertilizers, pesticides, and growth regulators, to preparing design and installation cost estimates. Coverage includes computations for:

-Landscape installation and maintenance.
-Greenhouse, nursery, and interior landscape operation.
-Parks and recreation maintenance.
-Turf management, including lawn care, sports turf, and sod production.
-Proper application of fertilizers, pesticides, and plant-growth regulators.
-Proper calibration of application equipment.

Additional features include multiple computations you can work through, appendices with units of measure and equivalents, and a table with conversion factors. A useful and important addition as the book is produced in the USA and some calculations will need converting to metric equivalents

408pp. Paperback.
ISBN 9780470136720

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