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Mahogany is a detailed identification guide to the woods of several trade timbers known as ‘mahogany’, and aims to differentiate between these and the true mahogany Swietenia. All three species of Swietenia are CITES listed, and difficult to tell apart from other ‘mahogany’ timbers, macroscopically and microscopically.
In this book, 18 taxa from the Meliaceae family (the mahogany family), commonly known as mahoganies, are compared and contrasted, with full wood anatomical descriptions and microscopic images of structure, macroscopic images of wood appearance, global distribution maps, information on uses and common names. In addition, several non-Meliaceae mahoganies are described. A detailed list of literature used is provided, along with an appendix containing trade data for Swietenia.
This book is an essential resource for everyone involved with the regulation of endangered timbers, including wood anatomists, customs officers, timber traders, students, and those with an interest in some of the world’s finest tropical timbers.

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112 pp 21 full colour wood anatomical plates, 36 full colour woodmacroscopic images and 18 maps

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