Lichens of Ireland and Great Britain : An Illustrated Guide to Over 300 Species


Publication due April/May 2018

  • Author: Whelan, Paul
  • Date Pub: 2018 05 (May)
  • ISBN: 9781848893498
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Lichen identification is a challenging activity requiring an accurate understanding of lichen anatomy and biology and the associated terminology. Once mastered, a world of Lilliputian biodiversity opens up, using a simple hand lens and this book, the first written specifically on Ireland's lichens. Now expanded to include over 50 additional species, it is the only publication to include a new section on how to cut sections of lichens, as well as using the microscope and stains or dyes.

Part I describes with accurate line drawings the essential features of lichen anatomy. This is followed with guidelines on how to equip oneself for a comfortable and rewarding outing, maintaining a field notebook, collecting specimens and dissecting them for identification. Finally Ireland's habitats are classified and described with the new lichenologist in mind.

Part II describes in pictures and succinct text over 300 lichens found specifically in Ireland's landscape. Each description includes a distribution map, appropriate spot test results, spore size and notes on the habitat/substrate that the lichen is most likely to occupy.

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184 pp. col images/photos
210 x 148 mm

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