Lichens of Heaths and Moors - Field Studies Council fold out chart


  • Author: Dobson
  • Date Pub: 2008
  • ISBN: ISBN: 9781851532391
  • Published byFSC - more

This new fold-out chart covers 62 of the species found on heaths and moors, organised into species that grow on the ground, among grasses and mosses, on heather, and on small rocks and pebbles. The guide will be of particular interest to users planning ecological investigations (age 16+).

Lichens are present throughout the year and may be searched for at any time. On moors and heaths lichens are most abundant in nutrient-poor situations where they are not overgrown by grasses. On rocks and pebbles, most of the species included will be found on the more exposed surfaces where they obtain the maximum light.

Each chart is laminated to make it shower-proof and robust for use outdoors. Clear colour illustrations and text by experts in the subject make these valuable resources for all age groups.

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