Lepiota. Fungi Europaei Volume 4


  • Author: Alfredo Riva and JP Beati
  • Date Pub: 1990
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  • Published byEdizioni Candusso - more

In the present work 156 species, 31 varieties and 4 forms are described, belonging to genus:

The micrographs which accompany the various species are the result of sundry collections, almost made by G. Lanzoni. Also the colour plates were mostly painted by A. Dermek, Bratislava in accordance with Lanzoni’s directions. Only keys to genera (subgenera) and for each genus to sections and subsections are provided. Several colour plates were made by E. Rebaudengo.

1990, 743 pp., hardback, 245mm x 180mm, 133 micrograph made by the Authors, 80 colour plates made by Aurel Dermek and E. Rebaudengo.
Text in Ttalian; keys to Sections and Subsections in Italian and English.

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245mm x 180mm

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