Leaf Beetles: Naturalists' Handbooks; Volume 34


  • Identification guide to Leaf beetles found in Britain
  • Includes colour photographs, line drawings and distribution maps
  • Overview of natural history, biology and ecology
  • Leaf beetles are one of the largest groups of beetles, with tens of thousands of species worldwide and around 280 in Britain. They belong mainly to the family Chrysomelidae, but also to two small closely related families, the Megalopodidae and Orsodacnidae.

    This latest volume in the Naturalists handbook series provides a comprehensive overview with detailed and accessible coverage of the natural history, ecology and biology of leaf beetles.

    Topics cover the life history of leaf beetles, biology, their environment, natural enemies and interactions with humans. There is a thorough discussion about identification of British species, including detail on the juvenile stages (eggs, larvae, pupae) and a concise key to adults. A chapter is dedicated to study techniques and materials. Illustrated throughout with colour photographs and line drawings.


    Editor's preface
    1. Introduction
    2. Life history
    3. Leaf beetles in their environment
    4. Natural enemies of leaf beetles
    5. Distribution and abundance
    6. Identification of adults of British and Irish leaf beetles
    7. Study techniques and materials
    8. Useful addresses and links
    9. References and further reading

    Dave Hubble is a freelance ecologist. He is the organiser of the UK's Chrysomelidae Recording Scheme and recently wrote the AIDGAP key to UK species. He also teaches Environmental Science at the Open University.

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    160 pages
    66 colour & b/w illustrations, 1 table

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