L'Atlas de la Flore Rare et Menacee de Haute-Savoie


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  • Author: Jordan, D.
  • Date Pub: Sept 2015
  • ISBN: ISBN 9791094583005
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Haute-Savoie is a richly biodiverse department, especially for plant species that have adapted to a variety of conditions in the natural environment, fromthe edges of the lakes and the Rhone to the high mountains.
After decades surveys and thorough collection, more than 2500 plant species and subspecies are now listed , i.e. nearly half of those found in metropolitan France. Of these, some are particularly rare or unique in France, such as the pale yellow orchid. This unique book covers 395 species that were each the subject of special attention for their rarity and / or their heritage value. French language

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512 pages
colour throughout
16.8 x 24 cm

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