Kiwifruit: The Genus Actinidia


  • Author: Huang, H.
  • Date Pub: 2016 JUly
  • ISBN: 9780128030660
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  • Published byAcademic Press - more

Kiwifruit: The Genus Actindia includes extensive and full coverage of scientific and applied information ranging from basic taxonomy, population genetics, and natural resources/distribution to domestication history and breeding/cultivars, and to culture and international production and commercialization.
The book gathers information not previously available in the English language providing an authoritative reference for professionals, including taxonomists, horticulturist, breeders, conservationist and kiwifruit technicians, specialists and college teachers, as well as policy makers of industry and governments. In addition to those in the academic and professional sectors, horticultural and botanical enthusiasts will find the information presented highly accessible.

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308 pages
276 X 216

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