Ireland's Wild Orchids: A Field Guide (A field copy edition)


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Elegant and colourful, orchids can fascinate and the study and search for them can be addictive. They are found in a great variety of habitats in Ireland and can be enjoyed in fields, bogs, woods and mountains. Amongst the loveliest of our wild plants, endangered species are protected by legislation. Some are distinctive and cannot be confused, while others are more challenging as they hybridise freely and so confound both amateur and expert, while variability in size and colour is also considerable. This practical guide is intended to assist in identifying them. It contains expert illustrations, photographs of each plant in situ and in close-up, clear instructions for identification, and notes on size, habitats, flowering period, distribution and variations. Colour distribution maps show where each species is found. Introduced by chapters on conservation, hybridisation, how to use the guide, and orchid morphology, this is a guide for all orchid enthusiasts, whether beginner or expert.

The general format is akin to the type of notebook ond sketchpad traditionally used by artists and writers. The guide is ringbound, with robust plastic covers and it is designed to fit the pocket, be shower proof and open flat in the field. There is an inside pocket, space for field notes and photographs and a strong elastic for holding the book closed when required.

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Further Information:

Ringbound paperback with plastic covers
109 pages
Colour photographs
Plastic ruler with magnifying ''glass'' included

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