Invasive Species : Ecology, Management Strategies & Conservation


Invasive species constitute a significant environmental and economic threat worldwide, acting as a key driver of biodiversity loss and ecosystem function disruption globally. Biological invasions have the potential to dramatically affect species composition, guild structure and alter interspecific interactions within the invaded community. This book provides the reader with new research on invasive species. Chapter One reviews the adaptive responses of Phalaris arundinacea, an invasive wetland grass, to water stress. Chapter Two discusses the expansion of spider species to help better understand their potential for biological control of pests in agricultural landscapes and for conservation of biodiversity within the ecosystems in which they are found. Chapter Three explores the feasibility of using Parkinsonea aculeata wood as a feedstock for the sustainable development of adsorbents targeted at pollutants removal from wastewater. Chapter Four gives background information on several origins of invasive species, how invasive species respond to environmental changes, and insights on integrated management strategies that focus on enhancing species and ecosystem adaptive capacity and reducing the risks from biodiversity degradation.

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