Introductory Probability and Statistics: Applications for Forestry and Natural Sciences


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  • Author: A. Kozak; R. Kozak; C. Staudhammer; S. Watts
  • Date Pub: 2012
  • ISBN: ISBN: 9781780640518
  • Published byCABI Publishing - more

With interest growing in areas of forestry, conservation and other natural sciences, the need to organize and tabulate large amounts of forestry and natural science information has become a necessary skill. Previous attempts at applying statistical methods to these areas tend to be over-specialized and of limited use; an elementary text using methods, examples and exercises that are relevant to forestry and the natural sciences is long overdue. This book utilises basic descriptive statistics and probability, as well as commonly used statistical inferential tools to introduce topics that are commonplace in a forestry context such as hypothesis testing, design of experiments, sampling methods, nonparametric tests and statistical quality control. It also contains examples and exercises drawn from the fields of forestry, wood science, and conservation.

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Paperback 448 pages
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