International Conference on Mediterranean Temporary Ponds - Proceedings & Abstracts


Mediterranean temporary ponds outstand for their high biodiversity. Thus this habitat is included in the Habitats Directive of the EU as a priority habitat for conservation. This main feature is a result of its particular water dynamics. The alternation of wet and dry phases, sometimes irregularly, creates an environment with extreme life conditions that favours the presence of a singular biodiversity, exclusive or mostly restricted to this habitat.

These characteristics together with their small size and strong dependance on rainwater make them highly sensitive to alterations, even being of apparently low intensity.

The main objective of the LIFE nature project Management and conservation of Mediterranean temporary ponds in Minorca (LIFE05/NAT/ES/000058 LIFE BASSES) is the long-term conservation of temporary ponds in the island of Minorca (Balearic Islands, Spain). The conservation status of this habitat has deteriorated severely during the last thirty years mainly due to the rising threats related to man activites.

With this project in the background the International Conference on Mediterranean Temporary Ponds was organized in order to share experiences and results on temporary ponds conservation between people all over the world.

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