In a Yorkshire Garden


One of a series of paperback re-issues of first or otherwise key editions of important historical works. Part of the Cambridge Library Collection - Life Sciences Series.

Reginald J. Farrer (1880–1920) was a horticulturalist and plant finder who made a lasting contribution to British gardening, the rockery designs for which he is best known having been greatly influenced by those he discovered in Asia. First published in 1909, this study eloquently describes the author's own garden and its surrounding countryside in his home town of Clapham, Yorkshire. Focusing on the early spring, Farrer reveals through figurative prose the awakening of the flowers and shrubs, the character of the garden as winter disappears, and the aesthetics inherent to the natural world. The study shows his passion for horticulture, and his dedication to an aesthetic that led him to influence generations of gardeners. Featuring an extensive index of plant names and illustrated with photographs taken by the author, it is as informative as it is descriptive, and offers a wealth of anecdotal advice that remains of great interest.

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216 x 140 mm
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