Guide des orchidées sauvages

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A new pocket guide, in French, to wild orchids, covering a large area of Northern France - including Alsace / Lorraine / Burrgundy / Franche-Comté / Champagne-Ardenne.
This is a excellent guide both for use in the field and as a reference work. The photographs throughout are of exceptional quality providing good crisp detailed images at both the whole plant and individual flower level. Each section is accompanied by illustrative photographs, including the introductory chapters and the key. This is followed by thumbnails of the genera and then the species entries. Each species in a two page spread with several photographs which include the whole plant in the field and various flower parts plus a summary description with Latin and French names, size, flowering, habitat, vegetative and flower details etc. Hybrids and colour variants are also covered and there are details on some suitable viewing locations in different departments, glossary and an index.

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272 pages
Over 920 photographs and illustrations
Format 15 x 21 cm
Laminated hardcover

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