Guide des Lichens de France. Lichens des arbres


  • Author: Halluwyn, Asta and Gaveriaux
  • Date Pub: 2009
  • Published byBelin - more

A new and really excellent little guide to lichens on trees in France, in the Crazy Nature series published by Belin. French text.
A short introduction on lichen biology and study is followed by a few pages on use of the guide. Essentially each species is described concisely on one page, with habitat, distinguishing features, confusing lookalikes and other information pertinent to that species. The facing page has two or three high quality larger images, sometimes with additional inserts at higher magnification.

Chantal Van Haluwyn, lichenologist, is Professor Emeritus at the University of Lille and was one of the first people in France to work on the use of lichens in detecting pollution.
Juliette Asta is a researcher at the Alpine Ecology Laboratory, University Joseph Fourier (Grenoble)
Jean-Pierre Gaveriaux, former associate professor, photographer, is a member of the French Association of Lichenology.

Paperback. 240 pages

ISBN: 9782701147000

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  • Condition: New

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