Guide des Fougères et Plantes Alliées


  • A guide to the main species of ferns, horsetails (horsetail, quillworts, club mosses and sélaginelles) of France and Europe
  • Detailed listings to avoid confusion with the species resembling
  • Easy identification using tabs materializing important characters observing
  • More than 300 photographs illustrating all the important details
  • Comprehensive environmental and geographic data for each species
  • The latest in the France and Europe series: Guides des Fous de Nature, a series of small portable identification guides.
    The author of this guide is well known amateur pteridologist. He previously wrote a more detailed work on Ferns and their allies in France and Western Europe which received good reviews.

    This guide to ferns and allied plants of France and Europe uses an approach based on simple observation without requiring extensive botanical knowledge. Comprehensive. French language

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    224 pages,
    >300 colour illustrations.

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