Green Seaweeds of Britain and Ireland


This book is primarily a practical guide to the more conspicuous marine green algae that are recorded from British and Irish shores. It provides an up-to-date treatise that covers several of the most abundant genera, notably - Cladophora,Ulva,Codium and Prasiola, as well as new information on less conspicuous genera, including Acrochaete. 100 species are described and ilustrated. It follows on from Burrows' posthumously published Chlorophyta volume in the series Seaweeds of the British Isle (Burrows 1991), supplementing rather than replacing this work, incorporating taxonomic revisions and improved illustrations. The book is writtten to make the information accessible to a wide audience.
242pp. Paperback. semi gloss paper. Many coloured photos and line drawings.
ISBN 0952711532

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