Grasslands of Wales. A Survey of Lowland Species-rich Grasslands, 1987-2004


This book provides a unique account of the vegetation of species-rich lowland grasslands in Wales. It describes the findings of a comprehensive field survey of all significant stands of agriculturally unimproved lowland grassland and other vegetation associated with this fragile and declining resource. The book includes phytosociological floristic descriptions, extent data and distribution maps of the lowland grassland plant communities encountered.

D. P. Stevens, S. L. N. Smith, T. H. Blackstock, S. D. S. Bosanquet and P. S. Jones
The authors work as part of the Terrestrial Science Group of the Countryside Council for Wales, the successor body to the Nature Conservancy Council in Wales.

336 pages, 190x250mm
ISBN: 9780708322550

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