Genus Cyclamen: Science, cultivation, art and culture


  • Brian Mathew is an Honorary Research Fellow at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, and previously a plant taxonomist at Kew where he was a specialist in petaloidmonocotyledons. He is former editor of Curtis’s Botanical Magazine and has authored
  • many publications, including monographs of Crocus, Iris and Helleborus.
  • This book is a celebration of cyclamen, a genus of only 23 species popular amongst gardeners, growers, botanists and enthusiasts alike.
    Native to parts of Europe, western Asia and parts of North Africa; cyclamen are also highly cultivated plants. This new work contains a wealth of information gleaned from the practical experiences of the Cyclamen Society and other cyclamen experts, on both plants in the wild and in cultivation.
    Genus Cyclamen covers the botany of all taxa, including taxonomic description, flowering period, distribution and habitat based on scientific studies and fieldwork by cyclamen experts. Information is provided on cyclamen cultivation and propagation, with dedicated sections on cultivation in North America, Japan and Australasia. Other chapters cover the history of cyclamen, including a review of its use in
    botanical art from 1st Century AD to present, cyclamen in literature, and the use of cyclamen in ceramics, pottery, glassware, stamps, jewellery and postcards.

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    c. 600 pages, 280 x 238 mm
    Over 700 colour images including 25 original botanical paintings

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