Fungi Non Delineati-Innocybe dai litorali alla zona alpina, Pars LIV-LV


This work complements the previous contribution (FND-Pars 34-35-36) and includes the species found by the author and by other mycologists, from coasts to alpine zone. In this volume of 216 pages there are described about 70 species with 106 color photos and 69 micrographs performed by the author. This is the second book with color photos on genus Inocybe hat exists in the mycological world literature. The systematic order and the taxonomic-nomenclature statement used are that proposed by M.BON. The new taxa are:

Inocybe rubidofracta E. Ferrari, sp. nov.
Inocybe appendiculata var. longicystidiata E. Ferrari & Ferrero, var. nov.
Inocybe aurantiifolia var. pseudoaurantiifolia E. Ferrari, var. nov.
Inocybe iseranensis E. Ferrari, sp. nov.

215 pps with 54 pages of colour photos 2 images on each page

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