Fungi Europaei Volume 13. Strophariaceae s.I.


The most recently published volume in this fine series. Italian and English text.

The history and the classification of the Strophariaceae are described including molecular phylogenetic studies and morphological characters used for delimitation of taxa.
The volume deals with the species of the genera: Stropharia, Leratiomyces, Hemistropharia, Hypholoma, Deconica, Psilocybe, Pholiota, Flammula, Hemipholiota, Kuehneromyces, Meottomyces, Phaeonematoloma.

All the species described are accompanied by micrographs and color photographs. In addition there are notes about some doubtful taxa that are not well characterized and therefore usually excluded.

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245x180 mm
648 pages
43 micrographs in B/W, 377 color photos.

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