Fungi: A Very Short Introduction


  • Author: Nicholas P. Money
  • Date Pub: 2016
  • ISBN: ISBN: 9780199688784
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  • Published byOxford University Press - more

  • Provides a clear and engaging overview of the entire field of mycology or fungal biology
  • Offers succinct descriptions of molecular and cell biology as they apply to fungi
  • Addresses fungal diversity, evolution, genetics, reproduction, spore formation and fungal diseases of plants and animals
  • Explains the reliance of many plants and animals on fungi
  • Discusses the importance of fungi in ecology, agriculture, and biotechnology
  • The variety of the mycological world is far greater than most people imagine. Tens of thousands of fungal species have been described and many more are known only from the abundance of their genes in soil and water. Fungi are hugely important as agents of wood decay in forests, and, as parasites, they have caused the deaths of millions of people by ravaging crops and reshaping natural ecosystems.

    Fungi perform a variety of essential functions in ecosystems, and are important to both agriculture and biotechnology. Their importance is now becoming better appreciated among scientists, though there is much still to be understood concerning their taxonomy and evolution. This Very Short Introduction highlights the variety and extraordinary natures of fungi, revealing the remarkable facts of fungal biology and the global significance of these enchanting organisms.

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    160 Pages
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