Fungal Conservation


  • Author: Moore, D., Nauta, M., Evans, S. & Rotheroe, M.
  • Date Pub: 2008
  • ISBN: 9780521048187
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  • Published byCambridge University Press - more

Threats to fungi and fungal diversity throughout the world have prompted debates about whether and how fungi can be conserved. Should it be the site, or the habitat, or the host that is conserved? All of these issues are addressed in this volume, but coverage goes beyond mere debate with constructive guidance for management of nature in ways beneficial to fungi. Different parts of the world experience different problems and a range of examples are presented; from Finland in the North to Kenya in the South, and from Washington State, USA in the West to Fujian Province, China in the East. Equally wide-ranging solutions, are put forward, from voluntary agreements, through land management techniques, to primary legislation. Taken together, these provide useful suggestions about how fungi can be included in conservation projects in a range of circumstances.

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